Why We Use Affiliate Links

Here at Adventures in Independence, I use affiliate links in some of my posts. If you’re not familiar with affiliate links or have questions about how we use them, why we use them I have put together a list of common questions I have answered here.

Why do you use them?

The answer to this one is very simple: affiliate links make me money. When someone reading my blog clicks through an affiliate link of mine and purchases something, a percentage goes back to me. This helps me pay my bills and keep the information on the site up for free.

How do I know you won’t just put up a link to something just to make money off your readers?

I promise to only recommend products I have used and love. If I’m not terribly familiar with a product, I will always be up front about it. Some of my favorite people in the world read my blog and listen to my recommendations so believe me when I say you can always trust me to be honest about my reviews. I don’t want to get a phone call from an angry aunt or my best friend because they bought something I rave about on the blog and it turns out to be garbage. That’s just not how I do things. In fact, I stand by whatever products I recommend on my blog, so if you have a problem with a product I recommend, please comment on the post where I talk about it, or contact me here.

Can I make money using affiliate links too?

Absolutely! Every affiliate program is different, but most are so easy anyone with a blog can use them. Here is a list of the affiliate programs I use and the companies I recommend getting stated with.

How else can I support Adventures in Independence besides buying things through your affiliate links?

Thanks for asking! You can always help me out my buying me a cup of tea and send money via PayPal, or do something that’s mutually beneficial and hire me to do work for you, become a sponsor or just write me a nice note! Seriously, a blogger can’t get enough nice notes sent to them, you have no idea how much it means to me to know when I’ve been helpful to a reader!

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