Kids, Mom has Done it Again!

One of my favorite memories of growing up was something my dad started when I was a preteen. When my mother had worked particularly hard on a dinner or when she had made something that was very delicious, my dad would put down his fork with solemnity and announce, “Kids, your Mom had done it again!” which would sometimes be followed by applause or compliments about how wonderful the dinner... read more

8 Things I Will Do Differently with My Next Baby

Going from a mommy with one amazing little girl to one with another little person to enjoy is something I can’t wait to happen. After seeing a few posts on other blogs about what other mothers would do different the second time around, I decided to take my own spin on how I want to do things a little differently the next time around. Buy a cloth diaper sprayer I had hopes of cloth diapering, which I... read more

Things I Will Do the Same with the Next Baby

Use cloth diapers I love cloth diapers and am so glad I have been able to save money with them and not hated it like some people predicted I would. I can’t wait to start them a little younger with my next little one, but I am content to have a little while where I can have the convenience of disposables. The first few weeks after Autumn was born were very overwhelming, I am glad I waited a while... read more

Top 4 Books for Work-at-Home Moms and Dads

Working From Home How to Blog for Profit (Without Selling Your Soul) By: Ruth Soukup If you are looking to get started with blogging for profit, this book is great. It encourages open and honest blogging as a way to make some income from home. It is presented in a very easy to read, straight forward and friendly way that made this book a really enjoyable read.   The Moonlighter’s Guide To... read more

Best Books for the Home Manager

  Frugal Living & Money Management The Coupon Mom’s Guide to Cutting Your Grocery Bills in Half By: Stephanie Nelson This book is a great beginner’s guide to get beyond shopping grocery store sales, and is the first place I point new wives and homemakers who are overwhelmed with their food budgets. It was a huge help to me as a new wife and serves as a great reference now.   The... read more

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