Joyfully Working from Home with a Toddler

I love my toddler. She is my joy, but sometimes it can be tricky to balance being a work at home mommy with her high-energy, super-smart self wanting to help me and be involved with everything I do. I know I’m not the only mom who wants to deal with a child who is learning to be independent and wants to be involved with anything I am. Have Work Time We have started being really consistent with... read more

Appreciating Small Victories

When you are first starting out with a small business it can be hard to stay encouraged. Things that excite you can turn into discouraging things very fast if you let the wrong attitude take root. At the beginning of a new adventure, it is important to let those little steps that happen be exciting to you. Don’t compare yourself to others who have been at it longer than you and think it’s a... read more

Structured Play Time Activities for My One and a Half Year Old

Recently, Autumn was spending a lot of time in trouble. She started a very unattractive, and uncharacteristic habit of screaming at me and asking for attention in the most unflattering ways. I was on Pinterest, looking for ideas when I came across a quote, “People who need love will often ask for it in the most unflattering ways.” It hit me right in the gut. I try to work very hard to make... read more

Marketing Direct Sales Products Online

I am a huge fan of direct sales. I have had some great experiences, some really awful ones, and some that made me laugh until I couldn’t breathe because they were so ridiculous. Once I found a company whose product worked for me and I felt passionate about, I challenged myself to give it 6 months of working at it full time to see how I could make it work on top of my other jobs. To my surprise, I... read more

Free College Classes from iTunesU

I love learning new things. Sometimes as a stay at home mom, I found myself missing needing somethingĀ more substantial to stimulate me mentally. I did not have money for college andĀ I had always wanted to learn more about Psychology, so I was talking to a dear friend of mine who told me that I could watch videos of classes through iTunesU and I was excited to try it out. What iTunesU is Through iTunes... read more

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